Managing your data as memories

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There is a great set of learning  for us, on how we can organize our database, if all of us can appreciate how we as human beings remember episodes as data and connect them sequentially as a coincidences. Associative memory technology works the same way. The fundamental advantage when you do this, is that associations among different items are directly accessible for analysis. This lets the system support different types of queries including:

– connections (identifying relationships among items)
– networks (showing how entities connect with each other)
– analogies (finding entities with similar connections)
– classifications (placing similar entities into groups)
– trends (reporting how connections change over time)
– episodes (finding patterns that repeat over time)

Take a look at how some companies approach it.

Data as Memories


Make your insights tell a story


Building insights & using analytical techniques alone may not be enough. It starts with understanding what the business problem is and then finding an effective method of presenting your insights in a manner that is great story telling for your clients.

Presenting your data

Design Campaigns that involve all touchpoints – Here’s a framework

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When it comes to designing campaigns, many companies and many professionals who design campaigns are not aware of the the number of touch points the customers can be identified and nurtured. Take a  look at the number of available opportunities to build differentiated data-led  campaigns with our clients’ customers.
Campaign Opportunities

Working Smart – Here are some smart tips for multi-tasking

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Very often, we are besieged with work and tasks that we drown into. How to work smart and constantly we are looking for tips to make it easy for us to handle all the requests. Gina Trapani is the award-winning author, blogger, and programmer whose work translates cutting-edge technology into insights that boost personal productivity. There is a whole set of work smart videos that you might want to use. 

Work Smart

Crowdsourcing your creative ideas

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The digital economy is driving new business models. Unilever makes its first attempt at a crowdsourced TV commercial, for its Peperami brand. THe company says it has saved money and left it critical of the ad industry’s reluctance to try new ways of working. Crowdsourcing is a method where companies collaborate with customers to develop products, improve products or why even  get advertising concepts!


Six stages of email engagement

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Email marketing is now a integral part of many marketing campaigns. A single email shot can never achieve an intended marketing objective be it awareness or conversion. There are six stages of email engagement one has to be focussed on –  1. Delivered 2. Opened 3. Credible 4. Relevant 5. Interactive 6. Engaged.  To know more about each, click below.

Email Campaigns

How Linked-in uses its data infrastructure

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All of us have used Linked-in one time or the other.You must have always been intrigued about how Linked-in builds and grows its data infrastructure that is growing exponentially. They pre-compute data for their “People You May Know” product scoring 120 billion relationships per day. They use uses a statistical model to predict the probability of two people knowing each other. Take a look at how Linked-in does it.

Linked-in Data Infrastructure

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