Update on some advanced analytics techniques

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Campaign management, media mix optimization, cross-sell, and up-selling are some of the terms that are commonly used in marketing analytics. Although those terms are understood in a business context, the advanced analytics techniques behind those terms are not as well understood. The purpose of this article is to explain some of the analytics techniques


The importance of educating employees on Data Management

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A number of reasons put down in this article highlights the significance of Data Management education for employees, succinctly.
Data Management classes for employees…

Data compliance- an imperative for recognised organisations!

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Data disasters are well publicised & increasingly so. There are thus increased government & industry regulatory pressures organisations feel the heat from since there is a rising need to demonstrate that their company’s and customers’ data is being correctly managed. So, data compliance audits are now a inescapable.
Data Compliance to ensure your data has integrity…

Tips to consider when planning your company’s call-center needs

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A call-center manager schedules staff based on projected call volumes, which are usually derived from mail volumes. This forecast never will be 100 percent accurate — there will be too few or too many reps at some point in time.
Tips for Managing Shifting Inbound Call Volumes and Staff Costs

‘Bing Rewards’!

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Microsoft has launched Bing Rewards program.Become a member of the Bing Rewards Preview and experience the benefits of doing what you love to do online — learning, discovering, exploring — while getting opportunities to earn credits towards great rewards. Learn how to find information faster, discover new topics of interest and make more informed decisions.

Here’s a peek preview

Seven tips from Ogilvy for copy that sells…

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This blogpost is a summation of all of Ogilvy’s tips on writing effective copy- a compilation of all of his writings & video transcripts- seven choicest tips to this end, put together by Nathen Hangen, co-founder, Fountainhead Society.
David Ogilvy’s 7 tips for writing Copy that sells…

What can you learn from 7 awesome corporate blogs?

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Some very well explained rationale to a company like ours blogging it out  & tips on how a business can go about creating a blog that their customers will actually read. This should also put to perspective our very raison d’être .
Awesome corporate blogs & lessons to take down from them…

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