Volkswagen Goes Social With Fanwagen

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Here’s a social media campaign for Volkswagen that will result in the creation of a customized vintage Bus or Beetle. It will be called the Fanwagen and outfitted with all manner of social media goodies such as a Feed-O-Matic which will print out status update, a Poke button on the steering wheel, a Birthday notification system, a Friend finder, a relationship status notifier on the license plate and much more. Very cool. Check out the video here.



SQL Server query design: 10 mistakes to avoid

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With data growing  in  Cequity’s  SQL Server database and coupled with the sub-second response times expected by business users, it is critical to avoid poorly written queries

Here are top 10 mistakes to avoid

Diagnosing business issues using 3Ts

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Here’s an interesting article by Kevin Hillstrom on measuring customers migrating across channels. He says:

“The three T’s (Traditionals, Transitionals, and Transformationals) help us understand how (or if) our business is evolving and changing.

A business leader suggests that a customer shift from traditional channels to the web is costing him business.  Well, there may be truth to that, but at least we can measure how customers are truly migrating.  We’ll run a query, watching how customers in the 3Ts migrate (Traditional = Mail/Phone, Transitionals = Web/Email/Search/Affiliates/Banners, Transformationals = Mobile/Social). “

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Do you trust your data?

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A recurring topic in web analytics is one of data quality and the businesses ability & willingness to trust web analytics data.

Data leakage happens when business users, agencies, and other digital stakeholders start deploying technology without approval and, more importantly, without a clear plan to manage access to that technology. Examples are myriad and almost always seem harmless — that is until something goes wrong and the wrong people have access to your web traffic, keyword, or transactional data.

Here’s a white paper that you can learn from.

Marketing is not short of good strategies; it is short of good execution of the fundamentals.

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Marketing components should be interwoven into the total marketing and sales process. It will bring you a consistent presence in front of prospective and current customers who will experience first-hand how you are helping make them more successful.

Story telling drives content marketing.

There are 4 Rules for Contextual Story Telling Content:

1. Tell a good story … engage, inform, inspire, motivate, reward

2. Persuade … facts, emotions and testimonies

3. Be relevant … contextual, customer-centric

4. Be catalytic … surveys, interactive offers, interactive community dialogue

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A tale of two managers and how they lead everyday

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Customer experience has a lot to do with the people at the front. The people doing the work, and the people leading or managing them..

So herewith find  stories of two managers. Both doing something very hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves stuff. And everything a manager does is observed by staff, whether you know it or not.

You can read and give on your comments to on what you think about their behavior.

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How IBM and Cisco are connecting to the B2B buyers?

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These are thrilling yet difficult times for B2B technology marketers. The end of 2011 finds us in a buyer’s market, having to work harder and smarter to encourage sustainable customer loyalty and brand advocacy – but also having a wealth of new tools and channels to help us achieve our goals.

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