New Trends in Brand Marketing – The Zen of Amazement(Brought to You by Nokia)

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Trends clearly show that the future of brand engagement is bringing data, content & interaction together. Slowly but surely the trend is taking shape.

In a series of interesting videos from Hyper Naked called The Little Amazing Show, Nokia is touting the amazing little things in life. Every Monday, the Little Amazing Show brings tunes, street philosophy and simple ideas to help people realize the amazing things that are happening around them.

This of course sells Nokia Lumia but this is very well done. Great Marketing!

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What is data science and how it can catalyse the change in our business?

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The future belongs to the companies and people that turn data into products .Merely using data isn’t really what we mean by “data science.” A data application acquires its value from the data itself, and creates more data as a result. It’s not just an application with data; it’s a data product. Data science enables the creation of data products.

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This One Leadership Quality Will Make or Break You

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In every form,  in their day-to-day interactions with other people in any organization, each employee plays the role of a leader. It does not matter even if there are no people reporting to you.  Further, it is all the more important for you to display leadership abilities if you have people reporting to you. Because, people look-up to you if you display these leadership abilities & skills.

Great leaders are never satisfied with traditional practice, static thinking, conventional wisdom, or common performance.

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Using SQL-MapReduce for Advanced Analytics

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We know Programmers/Developers/Analysts are comfortable with SQL and other analytics tools like SAS etc. But with MapReduce, a database technology invented by Google, the world of data warehousing and analytics has undergone a big change. How can we use this be leveraged?  Know More

Bank Marketers to rethink marketing communication strategies

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The financial turmoil is creating new opportunities and disrupting the marketing methods of banks.

Bank marketers recognize that customers need “both personal and virtual reassurance in times of uncertainty, and digital media offers real benefits in this regard,” said Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council. “However, almost half do not have formal strategies or programs in place for using digital media and mobile channels for real-time interaction and content delivery despite the unpredictable state of global financial markets.”

What do Indian customers think and want out of loyalty programs?

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India is emerging as a very important market for loyalty marketing companies. Colloquy, a leading loyalty marketing practice company has done a research on Indian Customers and their attitude towards loyalty programs.Here’s the study for you.


Aligning Marketing and Sales – The future

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Marketing and selling involve a complex set of personal communications intended to result in a transaction. There are no cookie cutter solutions. This is hard work, especially in a struggling economy. Your  brand is your story for how you create value for customer (not for yourself; no features and functions). Wherever this can demonstrate real economic value for the customer, success will go up.

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