Data Integration: Row vs Columnar vs NoSQL Databases

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Very interesting comparison here on different database technologies and their scalability:


How do you plan communication and brand planning for your brands?

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The good people at WARC are keen to encourage people to start thinking early about planning themes for 2013…..

  1. Robots and humans.The balance in our industry between the art and the science, the human and the automated, continues to be an ever-changing, fascinating one. The march of automation (particularly in trading through real-time bidding and optimisation) is inevitable.
  2.  Convergence of Paid, Owned and Earned media.The POE model has become the default way of looking at the media world but I’ve always thought and said that the most interesting aspects are how they work together, and the blurred boundaries/spaces in-between.
  3. Slow, fast and spiky planning.One of the biggest challenges within this convergence is maximising the opportunity to combine the short-term ‘spikes’ of activity characterised by a campaigning mindset and approaches with the longer-term always-on platforms that digital is also exceptionally good at. Matt Locke has talked about the changing patterns of attention and the idea of ‘slow, fast and spiky culture‘ – how some elements of culture accrue attention over long periods of time whereas others rapidly synchronise attention in a short period of time before it quickly moves on.
  4. Content strategy and marketing –Suddenly everyone’s talking about content marketing. It’s not hard to see     why – the shift towards content-hungry always-on platforms requires brands to use content in very                                different ways. If brands are becoming publishers then they need to act, think and plan like publishers
  5.  Mobile, mobile, mobile-  It feels slightly disingenuous for me to talk about mobile as a separate point as I           believe the critical thing about  mobile is to treat it as a device, not a channel. So the real opportunity is   clearly      in how to use the inherent characteristics and behaviours associated with it to augment existing ideas.

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Why I won the award for Best Dancer by Bhavin Dalal

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“I cannot dance but I can dance my heart out.” Being a Gujju, I always enjoyed Navratri & Garba and dancing is something which I always wanted to master but unfortunately that didn’t happen. So only way to make myself look like dancing was to see the steps of best dancer and imitate it. So, my sincere thanks to Rohan, Nikhil, Ramdas and many others on the dance floorJ.


More than that, it was altogether a different learning. I never danced to win the award. It was only an attempt to forget all the worries I received on an email an hour before. When I was dancing on the floor, the only thing that I thought of was … Enjoy, Enjoy & Enjoy … There were excellent dance steps demonstrated on the floor and I was nowhere near to it … I was like … forget it, I am only going to do this step for next 2 hours. But as time passed, I was confident of trying some new steps, and it was time to COPY (Yeah, the COPY-PASTE …). I tried doing some more steps (though not so perfect) and that’s it. It was as simple as this. Best dancers might have thought that “This guy doesn’t know to dance, how did he win?” And I am as usual … lets other worry for now J

My intention of writing this blog is not only that my emotions overflowed as I won the award which I never expected to win in my life. Many of us are in the same boat where we restrict our capabilities, our growth and the fruits of the same. Most of the times we give up by thinking about what others would say when we perform. “Break the ice”. Next time you get an opportunity to do something new, think about Bacardi Song J (taking things the way, they come,…) “Dance like disco dancer” and be the GAME. And if you are reading this line… let me tell you … this is the first blog I am writing.


Banking Section: Reimagining Retail Banking

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Financial marketers need to wake up to the digital revolution, and swap branch-based thinking with a new vision that embraces hardcore data analytics. With traditional branch-centric models creeping towards obsolescence, bank and credit union executives will be forced to reexamine their marketing strategies at the most fundamental levels.

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Analytics Section: Sizing “Mobile + Social” Big Data Stats

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Simply astounding:   Did you know that every 60 SECONDS, a tidal wave of unstructured data is being produced, consumed and archived.  As you read this ask yourself: what does this mean?

Social technology adoption by consumers is no longer an early adopter market — it’s a mainstream activity. Mobile is accelerating this trend. All this means a “new customer interaction” model powered by big data is emerging.

Why is big data analytics a good lens for creating value around social:

  • New data is coming across multiple dimensions – demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral, socialgraphics
  • Business decisions approach real-time. Time available to capture data is decreasing.  Analysis of increasing data volumes have to become faster. Operational excellence requires immediate action.  Real-time capture and action is where the state of the art is.
  • Coupled with mobile and cloud, it means the emergence of a new Customer Interaction Model for corporations

All this data growth and value creation trends imply that data management, Big Data and real-time analytics is  a big focus in social and mobile data going forward.

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Auto Section: Volvo launches Heritage Club for owners of older and high-mileage cars

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Volvo has designed and manufactured cars since 1927 and has had a loyal following ever since. As a Volvo owner you enjoy the rare combination of Scandinavian design, driving pleasure, durability and safety that is unique to the Volvo brand.   Whether it is in many different Volvos over time, or many miles in one Volvo, we want to recognize your long-standing loyalty and high mileage achievements.

Take  a look at some interesting customer clubs they have launched


People, HR & Talent Management: A sense of mastery serves as a big motivator for people

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The Human Resources team at US electronics retailer Best Buy was dealing with a common HR irritant. Constant queries by the employees on whether their taking half a day off to drive their mother to the doctor, qualified as sick leave or family leave

What if they had to leave early to take their son to a basketball game out of town? Finally, two of the women decided they’d had enough. They knew that their co-workers were basically honest people and decided that henceforth, it didn’t matter what time they came in and what time they left.

The caveat: if you don’t finish the work assigned to you, then you are in trouble. Best Buy regularly tracks employee engagement and it soon became evident that this particular branch was operating at levels far higher.

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