A just-released survey found that 76% of marketers now use such real-time tactics. Yet while 88% of marketers consider real-time marketing essential, only 44% of marketers have included real-time in their 2014 budgets. Even smaller is the 20% of marketers who track return-on-investment, or ROI, although the 75% return they claim is impressive. This data indicates the use of social media for marketing is still in the early stages.

The “attention economy” drives Millennials. This refers to both the demand on our focus from multiple social networking sites as well as the basic human need to be validated through acknowledgment. As Generation Like reported, Millennials more and more define their worth through the number of “likes,” “follows,” and “re-tweets” they achieve.  Many Millennials spend much of their discretionary time on building their own social media brands.

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