How do others experience you as a leader? According to psychologist Kathryn Cramer, every leader has a “signature presence,” a set of leadership assets that are as unique as your handwritten signature. Just as your autograph telegraphs who you are, so, too, do the daily actions that comprise your leadership presence.

Here are five questions you can ask yourself and others to help determine those distinctive qualities that define your leadership.

  1. When I’m at my best, how would I describe myself?
  2. When I receive compliments, what specifically do people praise? Is there a theme to the praise?
  3. In what types of situations do I easily slip into “the zone” — meaning, with confidence and fluidity?
  4. Ask a colleague, “In what ways have I been a help to you?”
  5. Ask three people you know well: “Name five things about me that you can count on me to do.”

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