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Hansa-Cequity’s endeavour is to imaginatively automate the science of marketing, differentiate customer value & enhance customer relationships. Our teams at Hansa-Cequity spend valuable time to convert data streams into strands of valuable information, for our clients, to help them discover valuable insights about their prospects, customers & their behavior through powerful analytics & scoring methodologies. We use the insights, thus generated, for marketing action through focused high velocity technology-enabled marketing campaigns based on continuously observed changes in customer transactional & interaction behavior. We believe in delivering tangible business impact for our clients by converting uncovered insights into action. Our creative influences our  clients’ customers to consider or buy their brands or services, by designing and driving campaigns using “contextual creativity” framework – a method of creativity where we believe without taking into context the data and behavioural insights about customers, the creative elements does not elicit a higher & profitable response. Our teams work together across all these cross-functional areas to make customer marketing a reality for our clients.

Across clients over years, we have been helping them leverage their mass marketing investments and help them transition the benefits of these investments into targeted CUSTOMER MARKETING methods for better Return-on-Marketing-Investments            ( ROMI).

Our belief is that we are moving into a future of where we see mass-marketing seamlessly fuse into customer marketing.

The information here is an endeavour to add valuable knowledge to the entire Hansa-Cequity team & associates.


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