Trends Section: ‘Marketing has changed more in 5 years than the past 500′

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We may very well be entering a golden age of marketing, but it’s not coming without some cost. That cost is a whole new learning curve for marketers, who are starting to have to be more and more technical, and technical people, who are having to learn more marketing.

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Inside the cave – How analytics, campaigns helped Obama’s election victory by Samit Malkani

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I don’t think any campaign gets bigger than the one to win the White House. Here you go on the details that made it happen. Here’s an inside view of how it all happened. Great learning for marketing folks who are involved in data, analytics, digital and campaigns.

Inside the Cave

Creative Section: Why e-mail is the “perfect” follow-up vehicle

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These days you’ve got more marketing options than you could ever possibly manage. And every marketing strategy has its own guru proclaiming his or her pet strategy is the future of marketing (and of course, offering to sell you a training course or coaching program to help you master it). And sometimes, faced with this barrage of claims for the next big thing, we often overlook the nuggets of gold lying at our feet. Or perhaps hidden just below the surface.

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On demand marketing. The future is evolving right before our eyes!

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The recent issue of McKinsey Quarterly explains how marketing needs to be ready for new kind of customers.

Meet Diane. The connected, always on, read-to-spend, 25 year old. She meets a friend in a cafe and is impressed by her new headset. She scans a QR code on the headset using her phone and is instantly connected to a website that lets her wear on a virtual version of the same headset. As she checks out the various colour options she is invited to share a picture of her wearing the headset on Facebook, for a small incentive. Once she gets a few likes from her friends she is ready to make a purchase.

She uses the location tab on her phone to look for the best price in the neighbourhood and heads out to make a purchase. As she starts to use the headset she is asked to register as a user and get some incentives for doing so.

The story goes on. How Diane can now be converted into a brand evangelist and become an influencer for the company.

The story lists out four key steps to how marketing is changing.

  1. Now (Most of our needs are triggered when there is really no traditional marketing medium in front of us)
  2. Can I (How new tools like virtual trial rooms are connecting the real and virtual worlds in an almost seamless way)
  3. For me (When I, as a uniquely identifiable individual, can receive special incentive for buying something I like)
  4. Simply (How everything is so simple and seamless that anyone with a smartphone can engage and experience products and services in ways that was never possible before.

Read and download the recent issue of Mckinsey Quarterly from this link

Show me the money. Doing business on the web means understanding visits, leads, applications, enrollments, starts and completions

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For anyone interested in web analytics Avanish Kaushik’s blog Occam’s Razor is the place to go. He is a master and his posts are always detailed and highly educative. What’s more there’s very active community of readers who comment on every post, and as a bonus, Avinash actively participates in the comment stream by adding and debating with commentators.

This post is about understanding the money funnel using Google Analytics. How businesses and individuals can drill down and make sense of all that’s happening on a site by looking at the data and finding patterns.

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Campaign Management Section: Successful Drip Email Nurturing Campaigns

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Drip Marketing allows correspondence to be sent to the prospects on a specific list at specific intervals based on time or prospect activities. Use drip programs for ongoing marketing campaigns and to nurture leads that may not be sales-ready.

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Campaign management: Predictive Analytics in Campaign Management

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One of the most popular application of predictive analytics is optimization of marketing campaign management.

Marketing departments are usually responsible for management the marketing campaigns. Campaigns always have some triggers – may be planned, triggered by customer events and various alerts. Campaigns are run for a purpose and usually carry strong call-to-action message. Most common call-to-actions are acquisition, x-sell, retention or win-back.  Campaigns are delivered through various channels. There are channels for Above The Line (ATL) and Bellow The Line (BTL) communication.

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