How do you identify which prospects need marketing automation?

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The decision to adopt a marketing automation solution isn’t easy.  How do you identify if your client or prospects need one.

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Introduction to Databases class by Stanford University

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Integrate Data into Products, or Get Left Behind

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Over the last several years, interest in and excitement about analytics/big data/data mining has grown exponentially. Count me among its biggest enthusiasts, as I firmly believe the potential for the “this changes everything” discoveries are real!

I’m just as excited about “informationalization,” a concept that’s been around for a while but has been gaining speed in recent years. The basic idea is simple: Make existing products and services more valuable to your customers by building in more data and information.

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The Big Data Myth for banks

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How do you know a person well enough to understand their motives, their actions, their aspirations and needs? It can be difficult even among friends and relatives one has known for years, let alone for a financial institution with hundreds of thousands of customers. Some people say it’s impossible for a large bank like Citi or Bank of America to really know its customers.

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SQL Query tricks!

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Working on SQL queries is about being smart, fast and using the best of  SQL community resources across the world to solve your problems which they might solved in the past.  Here’s an interesting site that will help with many questions that you may have.

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Bank Marketers to rethink marketing communication strategies

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The financial turmoil is creating new opportunities and disrupting the marketing methods of banks.

Bank marketers recognize that customers need “both personal and virtual reassurance in times of uncertainty, and digital media offers real benefits in this regard,” said Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council. “However, almost half do not have formal strategies or programs in place for using digital media and mobile channels for real-time interaction and content delivery despite the unpredictable state of global financial markets.”

Adobe buys Auditude, eyes video ads

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It’s interesting to see the world of technology seamlessly closing with world of marketing and advertising.

Adobe, a leading software & document management company is eyeing video ads as a revenue stream. With so many of us downloading PDFs and thereby data  becoming available on the kind of content we read, it is little wonder that Adobe is buying auditude.

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